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A year ago I took the plunge and went to see Graeme at Rites Of Passage Tattoo in Saskatoon.  I’d been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long time, but  my husband’s strong anti-ink opinion had stopped me.  After several years of deliberation I decided that this was something I really wanted to do for myself, and that what he thought wasn’t as important as what I thought in this circumstance. 

Graeme designed a beautiful right dorsal foot design for me:  our three kids’ names with three orchids (our wedding flowers) around them.  I loved it and still love it, though my husband still grumbles about it.  😉

After a year, the color had faded significantly from my orchids and some of the lettering lines needed to be touched up as well.  The memory of the pain of getting the original art done had faded some, so I made a touch-up appointment. 

I love my tattoo again, the purple orchids are as vibrant as they were when it was fresh.  However, as anyone who has had permanent art etched on their body knows, it hurts for a while.  When my tattoo was done originally I took only two days off from running before hitting the road again, and I think this is why so much of the color peeled out of my foot. This time I’m forcing myself to take a full week off (sandals only in February!) to allow it to really heal properly.  I’m not going to subject myself to touch-up pain again!

Today is Day 4.  My legs are twitchy. I have too much energy.  I did six massage therapy treatments at work today and I’m still bouncing.  And my feet are cold.  I need to run.

Deep breath.  Resist.  Must allow “injury” to heal properly.  These last three days are going to be rough!

(For those who are wondering, I don’t tweet or blog my family’s names or faces.  My posts are public, but my children aren’t.  I’d love to post a picture of my tattoo to show it off to all of you, but as it is of my kids, I won’t.)

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Gotta run. Crap.