My Treadmill Is A Beast

 I hate winter.  Period.  No question.  Much as I love running, I just can’t bring myself to be outside for more than a few minutes when it’s colder than -12 Celcius (10F).

I’m still a newbie runner, so this is only my second winter.  Last year I didn’t run from November 1 to the end of January when a friend splurged on a new treadmill for herself and gave me her old one.  By then I was so thrilled to be running again that I loved every second pounding the belt.

Now, when I say my friend gave me her OLD treadmill, OLD is definitely the key word.  It was gifted to her in the same situation, so I have no idea how old it actually is.  I do know that speed is adjusted with a dial, there is one small screen, and the incline adjustment is done by adjusting the pins in the back feet of the ‘mill by hand.  ANCIENT.

Display is in miles, I'm a young enough Canadian that I have no idea what that means, so need kilometers and it won't switch! Note conversion table taped on the side.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I still am very grateful for this treadmill.  My only other option would be to swing a kettlebell with Jillian Michaels every day all winter or actually brave the Canadian priaire elements (a couple weeks ago it was -43C with the windchill all week. That’s -45F!) and run outside.  Neither are appealing to me in the least. 

We make sacrifices in our family so that we can afford to have me stay home 5 days a week with our three small children.  One of these sacrifices is a new treadmill.  Four days a week I run without going anywhere and stare at the unfinished drywall in our basement and dream about treadmills with MP3 ports, fans, WiFi, and push-button incline.  Someday. But not today. Today I’ll write a cheque for my daughter’s preschool fees and sign the twins up for swimming lessons.  Today I’ll take my kids skating (indoors, lol!) after Irish Dance lessons are over.  Today we’ll play at the Fun Factory and get hair cuts at Beaners. And if not getting a new treadmill for myself is the price I pay to enjoy all these things with the most important people in my life, then sign me up. I’m there.

Gotta run.


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  1. Posted by Arnie Sararas on March 5, 2012 at 2:48 am

    How true! 🙂


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