Less Than A Week Away!

In six days I will toe the start line in my very first half marathon. This month marks the second anniversary of my running life, and I’m so excited to venture into longer races. When I started running, I decided to do 5K races until my then 8 month old twins were in school. Well, anyone who runs will understand when I say that that got old fast. Last spring I tried a 10K and loved it.

I still hadn’t considered running a half marathon until I read an article in Runner’s World about running your first half marathon. In looking at the training plan I discovered that the training wasn’t that much different from what I was already doing – only the weekly long run was longer than my current plan. That settled it, I would run the half marathon in the Saskatchewan Marathon in May, 2012.

Two weeks before my 10K tune-up race, I got sick. Crazy sick with a cold, where I coughed constantly, often until I actually threw up. I missed runs, and cut others short. I made it through the 10K race (see previous post!), and continued to get sicker. Finally, after more than three weeks of being sick, I was finally ready to admit that this was more than just a cold, and went to my doctor. I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and was put on antibiotics. She said that because I’d left it for so long, the infection was starting to spread into my lungs. My asthmatic runner lungs had just avoided pneumonia. When I phoned my Mom to tell her about the diagnosis she said “did you tell her you’re planning to run a half marathon in two weeks?” Um, no, are you insane? She might have told me I couldn’t!

The day after I finished my anti-biotics, my daughter was generous enough to share her flu with me. More runs missed as I spent a day throwing up and another so completely exhausted I could barely move, let alone run.

The day after my flu was gone, my side started to ache. By bedtime I could tell that the side pain was just referred pain from my back. As I write this, the pain has shifted around to the front of my ribcage. I can tell you exactly which rib is out, and am pretty sure it happened while violently throwing up with that damn flu! The same flu which forced me to cancel the pre-half marathon massage therapy and chiropractic appointments I had carefully scheduled for last week. Grrrrrrrr!

Somehow, I’ve still managed to get through all my runs this week, and am feeling fantastic. Well, other than the piercing pain from my rib that forces me to breathe much more shallowly than I’d like (chiro and massage appointments have been rescheduled for the day after tomorrow), and the fact that my ears are STILL plugged from my cold (doc insists they’re fine, but I seriously only have half my hearing right now). I’m beginning to consider abandoning my sub-2 hour time goal for Sunday, but after doing my last LSD run last night of 15 km in 1:28:45, I still think it’s a realistic goal.

In the end, I will stand near the 2 hour pace bunny on Sunday feeling nervous and scared, but also excited and optomistic.

(Oh yeah, and the speaker for the pasta dinner is BART YASSO! I’m so insanely excited to meet Bart and have him sign my copy of his book.)

Help me out! What tips and wisdom can you share for my first half marathon?

Gotta run.


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