Does everyone know about #runchat? Every second Sunday two Tweeters host a Q&A session about running.  Often sponsored, they do giveaways and we talk running for an hour.  It’s free to participate in, and a great way to connect with other runners. Search for the hashtag #runchat and check it out.

Anyway, last Sunday, one of the questions posed by the #runchat moderators was “In one word, finish the sentence: My running can currently be described as ________.” The word that instantly came to my mind was DISTRACTED.

My first sport love has always been barrel racing. I started at age 7 and have now been barrel racing for over 20 years. I only started running because I couldn’t barrel race for a while. (In fact, my Twitter and blog handle, RunMommyRun3 has multiple meanings – running of course, and my 3 kids, but also running around 3 barrels!)  Now that I’ve started barrel racing again I find my runs becoming less of a priority. During a tempo run last week I thought about this problem.  I still love running. But I love barrel racing more. What I decided was this: many athletes  do more than one sport.  One becomes their primary sport, but the second sport helps improve their fitness and strength as well, ultimately helping them improve their performance in the first. The determination I’ve always felt during my runs came back almost instantly.  The more I run, the more powerful I can be as a guide for my horse and the better our odds will become. Barrel racers are almost always separated by hundredths of a second, and every tiny improvement we make can have an impact.

My next half marathon is in two weeks. Today, the provincial barrel racing finals begins.  I’m still figuring out how to fit runs in in the early morning before all the barrel racing business begins each day, but I’ll get them done.  I owe it to my four-legged teammate! Wish me luck at the Finals, and if you see me running across Saskatoon to get to the barn each morning, wave! 🙂

Gotta run!


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