Virtual Races

In 2012 I’ve discovered the world of virtual races.  My summer races are quite spaced out, so this gives me the perfect opportunity (and excuse!) to run a bit faster in training and still feel like it’s counting for something.

A week from today is my next half marathon.  Last night my training schedule called for a 5K run at half marathon race pace.  For me, this is about 5:30-5:35 mins per kilometre.  I have a really hard time sticking to this pace when the run is so short, so I compromised and set out at 10K race pace. At my halfway turn-around point I suddenly remembered seeing  a tweet about the Summer Twitter Road Race. I was pretty sure it was August 4 so of course thought “if I pick up the pace for the second half of this run I could register for the race when I get home and submit my time right away and turn this into a race!”

Doug Cassaro blogs about running and also organizes the Twitter Road Race four times per year.  This is a free virtual race that anyone can register for, then submit your time online. It’s kind of fun to think of all the other people around the world who are also out running a 5K race – alone but not.

The concept of the Anywhere 5K is simple: why wait for a race? Create your own solo race any time, any where, then tweet your results with the hash tag #anywhere5K. They have a few dates per year when their followers try to run a 5K and submit their times online for bragging rights. I was the first female in the April Showers Anywhere 5K race this spring!

I had a fantastic run last night, it was a good pace and I felt fantastic. My 5K race pace hovers around 5:03, and I’d love to get it under 5:00 so I can clock a sub-25 minute 5K. Last night I ran my 5K with a pace of 5:16 to finish in 26:22. This was good enough to claim first in my age group (F20-29) in the Summer #TwitterRoadRace, third female overall, and 14th overall finisher. 63 people finished this virtual race, including 39 women – wow! Women are becoming a huge force in the running world! Way to go, ladies!

Are you itching to toe a start line? Why not sign up for one of these virtual races! Share your results here or tweet me at @RunMommyRun3!

Gotta run!


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