Confessions Of A Headband Addict – GlitzBandz Product Review

My name is Michyla, and I’m a Headband Addict. I love headbands. I love them for running, I love them for days when I just don’t want to do my hair. I hate stray hairs in my face, and I hate my bangs on my forehead when I run.

I own fifteen sport headbands in a variety of brands and styles. Seven of them are GlitzBandz, more than any other single brand.

I first heard about GlitzBandz through a review on another blog, The Boring Runner. I was intrigued by the no-slip claims made by GlitzBandz owner, Emily. I love headbands, but I loathe having to use bobby pins to hold them on my head. I’ve tried every so-called no-slip headband on the market, but they all inevitably slip backwards and off the back of my head. Then I saw Adam’s sparkly ninja demonstration pictures and I knew I had to try one (or three as it ended up!).

GlitzBandz owner, Emily, has a wide variety of styles and widths of ribbon to choose from. I got excited when I saw all the patterns and knew I wouldn’t be able to choose just one. She also offers a bulk discount – buy two headbands and get the third for half price! Sold! I ordered three, at a total cost of only $25.00!

My GlitzBandz arrived promptly and I loved them immediately! They really don’t slip, I swear! I find the wider styles do move a little bit, but nothing like my other, more expensive headbands. The narrower, standard width GlitzBandz don’t move AT ALL! The only downside I’ve found is that I’m a very sweaty runner and they don’t wick sweat. For that reason I use them fall/winter/spring, but still use a sweat wicking band in the heat of the summer. I even wore my sparkly purple GlitzBandz for my first half marathon and for my recent 10K PR race, and have a new aqua sparkly one for my upcoming Ultra Relay.  Who doesn’t love a little sparkle sometimes? 🙂

My GlitzBandz collection, including my custom maple leaf one!

For the purpose of this review, Emily sent me a reflective white headband to check out. I do the vast majority of my runs after my kids are in bed, and our days are growing rapidly shorter. Every run but one that I’ve done over the past two weeks has been in the pitch dark. I love reflective items, and faithfully wear my amphipod xinglet harness, LED ankle band, headlight, and now, reflective GlitzBandz. It is just as reflective as my other items, and anything I can do to make myself more visible to vehicles is great.

Night running safety gear

I took these pictures before and after a run in the dark to show you how my reflective GlitzBandz didn’t slip at all. Also notice the absence of sweaty hair in my face in the “after” picture!




Emily is going to give away a FREE GlitzBandz to one of you! There are several ways to enter!

– Like the GlitzBandz page on Facebook AND leave a comment on the wall stating which headband you would choose if you win (Tell Emily I sent you!) = one entry

– check out the GlitzBandz website AND sign up for the GlitzBandz email list = one entry

– sign up to follow my blog (just enter your email address in the box to the right of your screen) = one entry

– tweet about this post or link to it on your blog = one entry EVERY TIME!

Make sure you leave comments here when you do each thing so I know what you’ve done to gain entries. I will assign a series of numbers to each entrant (based on how many entries you qualify for) then use to choose a lucky winner on October 10th at 9:00 p.m. Runners take your mark!

Gotta run!

*I am in no way affiliated with GlitzBandz. I was not paid to endorse this item, and my review is a true representation of my opinion.*

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dani on October 2, 2012 at 10:25 am

    I’ve got long hair, could try one of these out if I win. Don’t even wear headbands, not since I was a kid, ‘CAUSE THEY ALWAYS SLIP OFF BY END OF DAY! So I signed up to follow your blog – consider me entered in the contest!


  2. Posted by agirlrunner on October 2, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    I clicked the follow button since I’m also on WP. I liked them on FB and joined their mailing list.


  3. OMG how have i not seen this giveaway yet. I want in on this!
    I want some sparkle in my life.
    I’ll be tweeting away about this 😛


  4. I liked on facebook AND signed up to the mailling list on the website

    I also discovered POLKA DOT headbands. omg!!


  5. I tweeted about the post from @rUnladylike. So fun!!!


  6. I’m looking to win one of these bands, as a manly man I like to set an example for the other males out there. 🙂


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