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Sandy Hook Elementary School Memorial Half Marathon

Like so many of us, I was heartbroken by the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December. A week or so later I came across the link to a facebook event for a virtual 5K and half marathon to raise funds for the families of the Newton tragedy.

I’ve said before how much I love virtual races, and I really loved this one. This was truly a “no rules” virtual run – you could run your miles all at once or over the course of the six weeks until registration closed on January 31. I split my half into a couple of days, and then kept going. I was training anyway, so I ran one mile in memory of each Sandy Hook victim.


There were several stories that especially hit me hard from Newton. There’s Emilie, who looked like a blonde version of my own daughter. Victoria, the teacher who saved every one of her students and died a true hero. And Noah, whose twin sister was in a different class and survived. I ran for every victim, but it was these three who kept coming back into my mind.

I apologize for not getting this post out sooner. I know many others would love to have the chance to feel like we’re helping in some way. The $30 race entry seemed like such a small thing, but if it helps just one family pay for just part of one therapy session then it was worth it. This run also helped me come to terms with the realization that we can’t protect our children forever – but we’ll do our very best in every way we can. My heart breaks for the families in Newton – ALL the families who had children in that school that day.



I’ve been trying to think of a non-typical way to do a typical “year in review” blog post. Trying and trying… but still just feeling the need to summarize my year. I’ll try not to ramble!

2012 Running Accomplishments:

April 29 – Police Services 10K – set a 10K PB, despite battling a month-long sinus infection.  New 10K PB: 00:54:11

May 27  – Saskatchewan Marathon – my first half marathon! Goal for this race: sub-2 hours. Result: automatic PB in 1:59:21, goal accomplished!

June 24 – Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon – Goal: PB. Result: 1:58:24 – goal accomplished, even with a bathroom break!

September 16 – Hearthbeat Run 10K – Goal: PB. Result – 00:53:32, goal accomplished!

Yearly goal – 1300 total kilometers run in 2012. After a few months of short and less frequent runs through the early winter, I finally turned over 1300 km on December 31 for a grand total of 1304.7!

My first half marathon!

My first half marathon!


Heartbeat Run 10K

Heartbeat Run 10K


What I learned about running in 2012:

2012 taught me that I absolutely can run half marathons. It taught me that I love longer distances more than I love the speed of 5K races, which I once preferred. The River Run in August taught me that it’s disappointing to scrap months of training for a half marathon and run the 5K instead when injury strikes just six days before race day. Disappointing, but better than no race at all. The SRRA Ultra Relay in October taught me that running can be a team event, and that relays are fun and foster a strong sense of comraderie. The Day Of The Dead fun run November 1 showed me how runners can come together and actually enjoy running in an ice storm, even when the second half of a 10K run gets cancelled due to extreme conditions!

If you’re new to my blog you can read back through my race review posts to see what happened at each of these races!

2012 Non-Running Accomplishments:

2012 marked my return to the barrel racing world. I had a great year on my seasoned barrel horse and made the short go in our Provincial Finals. I taught my four year old daughter a lot about horses and she also rode at Finals. My three year old twin boys started riding a bit too. I selected and started training my next barrel horse. I’m so proud that I do all my own horse training!

Finals1 Finals2 Lux

I was chosen by other parents to be the president of our preschool board. This has proven to be a challenging position filled with small-town politics. I feel like I’ve done a great job, but will definitely let someone else have a turn at this role for the next school year!

My business has grown and is flourishing. I still work very part time so I can be home with my kids most of the time, but I’m confident that when I decide I’m ready to work more the clients will be there waiting. I also taught several infant massage courses and helped a lot of families and their babies this year!

Looking ahead to 2013:

I’m torn about 2013. I’d love to beat my 2012 mileage, but I also know that I will be spending most of my free time working with my young horse, Lux. I plan to start competing with her in 2014, so this year is important for both of us to lay the foundation of her training. I’m not sure that I’ll have the time to train for half marathons too, and without them I won’t get as many  miles logged.

I turn 30 in 2013 – ahhhhh! We purchased a 5th wheel camper trailer this year and we’d like to do a bit more camping with our kids this coming summer. I told my husband I want to go to Banff in June to run the new Banff Marathon (I would run the half though), and camp with our kids while we’re there. He was quite enthused by the idea, especially when I said that’s what I want for my birthday! This may be difficult though, as we won’t know until May or even early June if we can go at the right time for the race (farming is unpredictable like that), and the race is capped at 1500 runners, so it will likely sell out. Sigh. I love living on a farm, but my need to organize everything is upset by the unpredictability of it! One of my long-term running goals is to run a half marathon in each province, and I want to check Alberta off the list this summer, regardless. If I can’t run Banff I’ll find another one!

The races I know will be on my schedule are the Police Services Run, the Saskatchewan (half) Marathon, The River Run Classic, the Heartbeat Run, and Day Of The Dead. I would really like to run the Mogathon this year too, it sounds like so much fun! However, it’s the same weekend as the Banff Marathon, so it will be one I do only if my Banff plans fall through.  I will also run Miles For Smiles, the SRRA Ultra Marathon Relay, and of course the Banff (half) Marathon if my schedule allows. I will also either run the Bridge City Boogie 2K with my daughter, or volunteer at the SRRA water station.

2012 was a great year, but 2013 will be even better! Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!

Gotta run.

What goals did you meet in 2012? What are you looking forward to in 2013?