Sandy Hook Elementary School Memorial Half Marathon

Like so many of us, I was heartbroken by the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December. A week or so later I came across the link to a facebook event for a virtual 5K and half marathon to raise funds for the families of the Newton tragedy.

I’ve said before how much I love virtual races, and I really loved this one. This was truly a “no rules” virtual run – you could run your miles all at once or over the course of the six weeks until registration closed on January 31. I split my half into a couple of days, and then kept going. I was training anyway, so I ran one mile in memory of each Sandy Hook victim.


There were several stories that especially hit me hard from Newton. There’s Emilie, who looked like a blonde version of my own daughter. Victoria, the teacher who saved every one of her students and died a true hero. And Noah, whose twin sister was in a different class and survived. I ran for every victim, but it was these three who kept coming back into my mind.

I apologize for not getting this post out sooner. I know many others would love to have the chance to feel like we’re helping in some way. The $30 race entry seemed like such a small thing, but if it helps just one family pay for just part of one therapy session then it was worth it. This run also helped me come to terms with the realization that we can’t protect our children forever – but we’ll do our very best in every way we can. My heart breaks for the families in Newton – ALL the families who had children in that school that day.


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