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All That Is Old is New Again

This is a spring that feels like new beginnings. Several small things are adding up to a refreshing change and big motivation.

I got new shoes last week! I took my old shoes in to Brainsport and tried out both the update and a new pair of the identical ones I have now. In the end, I liked the old version better than the update. I’ve had several runs now in my new old Saucony’s and love them all over again.

In two weeks I will run in the Saskatoon Police Services Half Marathon. I really liked running the 10K event last year as preparation for the Saskatchewan Marathon (half) in May, so that’s what I’ve chosen to do again this year. Here’s the new part: This will be my last race in the 20-29 age group. I turn 30 on May 14, and among other things this means I will age-up for the Saskatchewan Marathon. Around here, there are usually more women in the 30-39 group than the 20-29 group, so I’m looking forward to a new challenge!

The weather in Saskatchewan continues to throw us curveballs. As I write this, it is -13C with the windchill and snowing. In April! We still have several feet of snow and every time some of it melts it gets cold again and snows more. I skipped my run last night because it was dark and muddy and snowy and I just couldn’t bear the thought of running on my treadmill again. For today’s long run I will dress much more warmly than I should have to for this time of year! Come on spring, I need some motivation!

Three weeks ago I weighed myself and was horrified to find I’d gained thirteen pounds over the winter. I immediately downloaded the Lose It app to my iPhone and started tracking what I eat. I discovered that my portions and snacking were out of control, as was my cookie intake. 😉 This was the first time in my life I’d tried to lose weight, so I set a conservative goal on the app for one pound per week. I guess I burn more calories in my daily life than they think, because in the first week I lost five pounds! It’s been three weeks now and I’m down ten pounds. Three more to go! But then… if I lose another five after that I’ll be at the same weight I was before my pregnancies. I’ve been surprised at how easy the first ten has been to lose, so may have to keep going for the extra five.

I’ve been loving running longer distances for the past year, but I just read a 5K training plan in Women’s Running, and I have to admit that the speed of a 5K race still draws me in. I’d still love to get a sub-25 5K, and I may attempt it again this year. I’m trying to decide which of my favorite races to cut back my distance and increase my speed for, but I think this is something I want to do in 2013.

It will be a fun year, if this darn snow ever melts!