The Biggar Boogie

A few weeks ago a friend sent me a simple text: “Are you running the Biggar Boogie?” I had heard about it, but honestly hadn’t given it much thought. My baby-sitters live in the opposite direction and I was fixated on the upcoming River Run Classic half marathon for my next race. That text nagged at me for a couple days though, so I decided to investigate further.

Biggar is a town just west of our town, and fundraising is taking place for some new playground equipment. The friend who originally texted me about the Boogie backed out, so I texted a few other friends and we got a group together to walk/run.

After a week of rain and more in the forecast, race day wasn’t looking good. I was beyond relieved when I woke up Saturday morning and saw clear blue skies! Our other friends backed out anyway, so it ended up being just Annaleigh and I headed to Biggar that morning.

I knew this was a very low-key, relaxed race. As a result I was feeling rather low-key about it too, and had done everything wrong leading up to race morning. I was still targeting that half marathon in mid-July, and my training plan really didn’t have room to allow a week of taper for a 10K, so I didn’t. Instead of my usual carb-laden pre-race supper I ate leftover stir fry. I got busy the day before race day and ended up drinking only a third the water I usually drink in a day. I also got to the gas station where I was meeting Annaleigh before she did, so went in and got us coffees – oops! I knew as I was pouring that coffee that it was a bad idea, but I did it anyway. I also decided the coffee could be my pre-race energy, so skipped my Honey Stinger Chews.

When we arrived at the start line, about forty minutes before the start time, we wondered if we had the wrong day or something… there were two people sitting there and that was it. The town’s facebook page had said they had over 100 people registered, so we really thought we’d missed something. We hung out in the car for ten minutes or so and then more people started showing up. Annaleigh got out her stroller for her two month old baby (his first race!) and I set off to find myself a bathroom. Again, I knew better than to have that coffee, but here we are.

Drawback to a casual race: no bathrooms. Thankfully there is a hotel just around the corner from the start/finish, so it was easy enough to use theirs. When I got back one of the organizers was telling everyone where to run. The course was basically a big square around the outside of town, and the 10K runners were to do two loops. I don’t know my way around Biggar very well, but the organizers assured us there would be people telling us where to go.

My half marathon plan called for an 8K run at race pace on Saturday, so at least I was sticking with that… kind of. I started out intending to run this 10K at my half marathon pace (about 5:27-5:30/km, compared to my 5:15-5:18/km 10K pace), but that’s easier said than done. A low key race is still a race and I just can’t hold back!

We lined up and set off for our first loop. Volunteers told us where to turn and we made our way back to the start. We had been told there would be a water station along the way, but either I missed it or those volunteers slept in because I didn’t see any water! Not a big deal in a 10K though.

At the end of my first loop my GPS said 4.6km. Hmmmm. I know GPS can be a little off sometimes, but that seemed like a lot. I set off on my second loop and the runners I had been following stopped as they were just doing 5K. When I turned the first corner I couldn’t see anyone ahead of me and by the time I turned again I couldn’t see anyone behind me either. The volunteers were gone from the turns and I started to wonder if I was the only one running the 10K! I crossed my fingers that I was turning at the right block to go back (I was), and when I got to the last kilometer I started to catch some 5K walkers. That was kind of nice since I hadn’t seen a single other runner in four kilometers! As I crossed the finish line a crew wrote down my time and name (I hadn’t realized they were timing the race at all actually!) and handed me my swag bag.

The bags were great! They’d had reusable shopping bags printed with the leading sponsors’ names (New U Fitness and Total Solution) and filled them with a bottle of water, an apple, a bag of popcorn, Kleenex, a water bottle, and a couple pens from local businesses. In future years I’d love to see a t-shirt included in the bag to help promote the race throughout the year. A friend is going to make me a quilt from race shirts once I have enough, so I do love getting a t-shirt to help build my quilt collection.

The course definitely was short, my watch said 9.17 when I finished in 48:36. My average pace was the same as it was when I ran my personal best of 53:25 this spring, so I’m confident that I would have bested that had I kept going. I’d like to run one more 10K this summer/fall, so I’ll get my PB then. 🙂 I know there were at least two people ahead of me in the 10K (one guy and one gal), but have no idea where I placed officially. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter!

Annaleigh had finished her 5K a couple minutes before I did, and we were able to get a picture together.

photo (38)

For a small town, inaugural race, this was a good one. It was fun, relaxed, and the hand timing did add something for the runners. It was fun to go with a friend and the weather was perfect too! Well done, Biggar!


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  1. You have all the fun races! 🙂


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