The Terry Fox Run

On Thursday morning my kids’ school hosted their annual Terry Fox Run. The morning was overcast, windy and cold, so we bundled up and headed into town.

The School and Community Council put on a pancake breakfast first for all community members with all proceeds going to the Terry Fox Run. There was a break for about an hour between breakfast and the run, so I delivered the boys to preschool and my daughter went back to kindergarten for a bit. A friend who is on maternity leave had come with her baby for breakfast, so it was nice to chat with her for a while before the run began.

The preschool had planned a route of about 600m for their run, but knowing my kids wouldn’t be satisfied with that I declined to take other kids along with me. I felt kind of bad for not helping out with the rest of the preschool, but with three adults for twelve kids I thought they could manage fine without me. My four year old twin boys and I joined the group at the front of the school waiting to run and off we went.

I was right about the distance. We came to the preschool turn-around point and the boys didn’t even slow down, they just kept running with the older kids. We continued on out of town along a sand road. We had been told to turn around at the stop sign, and this was an unused road so I let one of the boys run ahead of us with some bigger kids.

photo (47)

When I found him waiting for me at the stop sign I was a little taken aback. I was unfamiliar with this road, and as it turned out, the stop sign was where the sand road joined the very busy highway. Had I realized this I definitely wouldn’t have let my four year old continue on alone! Luckily he had done as he was told and was waiting for me at the stop sign, I was just a little concerned that this meant he was basically standing at the edge of the highway!

I lifted each boy up to touch the stop sign and then we turned around to go back. We saw my daughter (kindergarten) then, and she ran fast to the turn around and back to catch up with us again. She decided we were too slow so she ran on to the school alone. At this point it had started to rain and the wind was picking up. None of the kids seemed to notice or care, but the teachers I saw out with them were starting to look a little chilly!

We stopped at the gym for a cup of Gatorade then went back to preschool for the last ten minutes of class. My boys felt like such big kids to have run the full 3 km with “the big kids!” It was so fun to get out and run/walk a community event like this. I thought it was a little disappointing to see only one other parent out running with the kids. I know the weather wasn’t great, but I strongly believe in modeling physical activity for my kids to encourage them to be active in their lives too. I hope that more community members will come out to support the kids next year!

photo (48)

Next up: the Mogathon and my last chance to get a sub-25 minute 5K this season!


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  1. You’re the best role model I have seen in a mothe who is so busy. The kids are on the fast track to being great athletes and heallthy adults. Keep running, y’all!


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