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We’re Going Streaking!

Ever since the Mogathon in September I’ve had trouble getting out the door to run. I trained so hard for that PB that I completely burnt myself out and had zero desire to lace up and run.

I ran a handful of times in October, mainly because I knew I had the Day Of The Dead fun run coming up November 1. This is my favorite run of the year and takes place at Blackstrap park, in the dark, on the trails. It’s a blast, and is always followed by a BBQ and amazing cupcakes from the Griffin Takeaway.

After I struggled through 10K in the pitch black and could hardly walk the next day, I again ran only a handful of times in November. I was loving my Zumba class and decided that was enough for me for now.

When I heard about the running streak my favorite running store, Brainsport, was hosting, my immediate reaction was, “I could never stick with something like that!” To run every day from December 1 until January 14 was daunting to say the least. Then I saw how many people were joining the Facebook event and realized that a mile a day would only take ten minutes. I thought this might be just the thing to get me excited to run again. (I thought the end date was chosen to coincide with Ukranian Christmas [big Ukranian population in Saskatchewan], but I see now that Ukranian Christmas is January 7 this year, so I have no idea why January 14 was chosen as the magical end date!)

run streak

I RSVP’d “going” to the Facebook event, and got out for 6.7 km on December 1. Yesterday and today were pretty chilly so I ran on the treadmill, but managed 5.2 and 5.5 km before boredom got the best of me. Tomorrow I have commitments all day and a Christmas party in the evening, so I’ll get up early and run just one mile before I head out. Normally I’d call it a rest day and not run at all. I’ll still call it a rest day, but I have to do a mile! Could I skip it and no one would know? Sure. Will I? Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t consider it.

Thank you Brainsport for hosting the streak and helping me get back out there again after two months of feeble mileage. I have loved my three runs so far, and I know I’ll love (most of) the rest of them too! I hear there are some prizes to be drawn for too – a free massage a month for a year?! How perfect that would be for this massage therapist who is often jealous of her clients!