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Powered By Chocolate Milk

A while ago I received a message from a Twitter follower, offering “a unique sponsorship opportunity.” Okayyyyyy… I’ll admit I was skeptical. I’m a mid-pack runner who runs local races, what interest would a sponsor have in me? I replied anyway (you never know!), and got pretty excited as I learned more!

About a month ago I was officially accepted as a Powered By Chocolate Milk ambassador. PBCM ambassadors are from various locations in Western Canada and use chocolate milk as a recovery fuel after a tough work-out. From elite athletes (Olympic speed skater Gilmore Junio and Ironman winner Gillian Clayton!) to “normal people” like me, there are PBCM ambassadors at every level.


I have used chocolate milk as a recovery fuel for a long time. Water hydrates, sports drinks add electrolytes, but chocolate milk also adds protein to the mix. Since chocolate milk is 90% water, it’s great for re-hydrating. It also contains a perfect balance of electrolytes (like potassium and sodium), carbohydrates (re-fuels muscles) and protein (repairs muscles).



My favourite recovery after a long run: Ice, chocolate milk, a banana and peanut butter, all blended together.

My favourite recovery after a long run: Ice, chocolate milk, a banana and peanut butter, all blended together.

I feel honoured to have been chosen by Powered By Chocolate Milk to represent them in Saskatoon. I will be sporting PBCM gear at running events this spring, so come and say hi!

photo 4

You can learn more about all the Powered By Chocolate Milk ambassadors here. Most of us can be found on Twitter, as can @pbchocolatemilk. You can keep up with our athletic endeavours with the hashtag #pbcm.


The Zoo Run

The Saskatoon Zoo Society is a group who conducts environmental education programs year-round. Programs are geared towards various young age groups, and include everything from summer camps to crocus hikes and many zoo education opportunities.

On April 13 the Zoo Society hosted their annual Zoo Run 5K fundraiser. This has always sounded like a fun and worthwhile event, but I’ve been unable to run it in the past due to scheduling conflicts. I was looking forward to finally giving it a go in 2014.

My friend Glenda was running as well, and we met before the start. The morning was sunny but cool, and we were thankful to have the Forestry Farm Hall as the staging area for runners: flush toilets and heat! A co-worker of Glenda’s, here from the U.S. on a work internship was running as well. Despite arriving in Saskatchewan in January and surviving many -40C days, he was still pretty bundled up (“I actually got too warm!” he said afterwards).

We set off on a loop around the Forestry Farm park then through the zoo, passing most of the animal exhibits. The big white wolf was quite intrigued by runners passing him by and was running laps in his large enclosure.

The Red Panda was this year’s Zoo Run feature creature, but he was hiding in his enclosure and we didn’t get to see him on our run. We’ll have to go back to the zoo this summer to check him out!

Zoo Run t-shirt

Zoo Run t-shirt

Glenda and I ran at a comfortable pace. We’re both getting ready for the Saskatchewan Marathon’s half marathon at the end of May, so our training hasn’t been geared towards the speed of a fast 5K. In the end I finished in 24:00, though my watch read just 4.28 km. Glenda’s said 4.4 km, so obviously there is some margin of error in GPS! We met Glenda’s husband and two kids at the finish line and went inside for Tim Horton’s cookies, coffee and David’s Tea.

Photo courtesy of Ed Tomlinson

Photo courtesy of Ed Tomlinson

The door prizes were plentiful, but neither of us won anything this year. From Zoo Society memberships (free zoo admission for a year is included in a membership!) to a large bird feeder, there were some lucky door prize winning runners! Overall, this was a really fun run, and a great kick-off to the spring running season in Saskatoon.

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