Beads of Courage 2014

My kids have talked about last year’s Beads of Courage Colour Run at least once a week since we ran it last June. They have asked countless times when they could run it again, so I was relieved when I could finally say “this weekend!”

Beads of Courage supports sick children in participating hospitals by giving them a bead for each procedure and milestone they COURAGEously endure. A yellow bead signifies a night spent in the hospital, while a black bead means a “poke” or needle. Seeing pictures of children with strands and strands of beads is truly awe-inspiring.

We had signed up long before the Saskatchewan Marathon, but stopped to visit with the organizers at their table at the marathon expo, one week before the BOC run. My kids and I were walking along at the expo when they spotted a picture of themselves being used for promotion at the BOC table, and had to get their picture taken with it. The ladies made a big fuss, calling them “our famous kids,” which of course thrilled them to no end!

photo (59)

I read through my blog post from last year to remind myself of all the things I learned about colour runs (phone in a Ziploc bag, there will be dye on your bra, etc.), and got our outfits together. I wasn’t quite as creative this year, and we reused our socks from last year. I did get bandanas for all of us though, after remembering my yellow head rest and Evan’s yellow stained hair after last year’s event.

photo 1 (10)

The night before the colour run was my Dad’s 65th birthday celebration. We planned to stay in the city overnight so the kids wouldn’t have to leave the party too early, and so they could sleep a bit longer in the morning. I let them stay up for a while past their bed time then convinced them to go to bed. While sitting on the deck with some relatives I heard noises in the basement. I went in and discovered my three children running laps in the basement! At 10:30! “We’re training for the rainbow race!” I convinced them that they could train more effectively by sleeping, but the damage had been done. Kids who are used to almost twelve hours of sleep who suddenly get only eight hours of sleep are tired kids. Tired kids are cranky kids. Cranky kids are no fun for anyone.

photo 2 (8)

photo 3 (10)

My cranky kids and I set off in the morning for the “rainbow race.” We saw some cousins there who were participating too, and my running buddy Glenda and her two sons. After the national anthem (yay!), we were off.

It became clear very soon that Alyssa, at six and a half years old, was going to out run the rest of us and not be content to wait along the way. I was glad for the trustworthy crowd when I lost sight of her before the two kilometer mark. (I did find her later, she’d joined the Saskatchewan Marathon 5K female winner on her run and almost lapped us! “Is this your Mom?” she asked. Um yes, sorry! She’s too fast for us! Lol.)

Found her!

Found her!

The boys thought the objective was to run through the colour stations as fast as possible, and the person with the least amount of colour on them would win. They sprinted through then thrilled to point out how much more colour I had on me than they did! They also tried to sneak around the back of a few volunteers to avoid their colour, but their giggling gave them away.

Sprinting through green!

Sprinting through green!

Trying to sneak around the pink station!

Trying to sneak around the pink station!

Then the tired and cranky returned and they’d have no part of a group “after” picture. They had a snack and fought and cried over everything, so we beat a hasty retreat back to Grandma’s for baths!

photo 3 (11)

photo 2 (9)

photo 1 (11)

This was a fun race again, and it was 100% my fault that we didn’t get quite as much out of it as we did last year. I knew our two commitments for the weekend would conflict, but we weren’t willing to miss either of them! Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

(This was also the first time that I’ve been approached by a complete stranger who said “I read your blog! I love it!” Wow. It always shocks me that anyone actually reads my blog, other than my Mom and Dad. Crazy, but kind of cool!)


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