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It’s a Girl Thing – JWalking Designs

I love running skirts. Actually, I love the idea of running skirts. They’re short, yet cover the big thighs unflattering areas we don’t like to show off. They’re girly, yet technical. They come in pretty colours.

I am the pickiest person in the world when it comes to running shorts. I’ve only been running for four years, but in that time I have found a grand total of ONE pair of running shorts that met all my length/feel/style requirements. And yes, once I realized  that these Magic Shorts were my one and only, I scoured stores and eBay and secured six more pairs.

Yet, the allure of running skirts continued. I tried lululemon (too short) and Running Skirts (no under shorts… so to add this skirt over my beloved shorts adds nothing but heat), but they both fell short of what I had in mind. Then I was approached by JWalking Designs to give one of their skirts a test run.

Some website investigation showed a promising product. Their fabric is lightweight yet provides full coverage with a 5″ inseam undershort. My Magic Shorts are 5″, so we were off to a good start. JWalking products are US made and use earth-friendly fabrics. Add in plaid and purple and I was excited!


This skirt outperforms any other running skirt I have tried. With three pockets (THREE!), you can easily tote all the accessories and random crap items that seem to tag along on long runs. The Velcro pocket on one hip, and zippered pockets on the other hip and in the back are all big enough to tote whatever you feel you need to carry. The shorts and skirt truly are long enough to look good on any body type without restricting performance whatsoever.



The shorts did still ride up on me a bit, I admit. I ran in this skirt a number of times throughout the fall season and found I did have to adjust the shorts a few times during my run. Keep in mind, I am the pickiest person I know when it comes to running shorts. Those with more normal shorts expectations would be fine. This is a skirt I will definitely train in and wear out and about as a dual-purpose garment. I likely won’t choose it for a race simply because I don’t want to have to stop to adjust my shorts during a race.


At $56.00-62.00 USD, a JWalking skirt is a pretty minor investment compared to a lot of running garb on the market. They make men’s running kilts too! If you’re a skirt person, or someone who wants to be a skirt person, this is a great place to start!


The opinion and product review expressed above is mine and mine alone. I did not receive any financial compensation from JWalking Designs to write this review, but did receive a free skirt to test.