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Media Blitz!

As an introvert, being in the media is not something I enjoy or seek out. However, no one ever got anywhere staying inside their comfort zone, so when I was asked to do a few media things lately I agreed.

First came a media day for Powered By Chocolate Milk. Thank goodness they teamed me up with nutritionist Steph from Something Nutrishus so I didn’t have to go alone! We were on Global Saskatoon’s morning news and after an initial bumble we did pretty good I think!

Next was an interview with CFCR radio that evening, again with Steph. This was much more relaxed and fun, and I felt like I did way better in this setting than TV! Except of course none of it was recorded to share after the fact… if you happened to hear us on the radio, let me know!

After working with Steph on these projects, she asked if she could feature me on her blog for what she calls “hiah chat” (healthy is a habit), where she interviews people who follow a healthy lifestyle. You can see her post here.

My running coach, Ron Byland, also asked if he could feature me in his monthly Testimonial Tuesday blog post, where he features one of his runners. My testimonial about working with Ron is here.

The blog posts I’m fairly comfortable with (obviously, since I write here occasionally), but the TV thing really stretched me. I’ve done a TV interview before about the infant massage classes I teach, but I felt more pressure this time as I was representing a company other than my own. In the end it went okay and I’m glad I gave it a whirl!