The 2015 Saskatoon Police Run

Yes, this race was April 26. Yes, I’m that far behind. Yes, I’ve run two other races since then, and yes I will try to catch up here soon!

I’ve run the Saskatoon Police Run three times now. I have always chosen the 10K event as I find it to be a nice warm-up for the Saskatchewan Marathon’s half marathon a month later. I have set a PB at this race every single time, and was looking forward to seeing if I could accomplish this for a fourth time in 2015.

Race day had quite the forecast. Spring in Saskatchewan always has a bit of a split personality, but the snow coming down during package pick-up wasn’t quite what we’d bargained for. Another reason I always choose the 10K for this race is that the weather has been awful every single year I’ve run it, and being out racing for an hour is plenty for me!

I took the kids to Subway for lunch and then we walked next door to Brainsport to get my race package. The guys working the pick-up gave them each a Saskatoon Police Service lanyard with key chain on it, which they all thought was a medal. They were thrilled!

We watched the snow continue all afternoon. The kids and my Dad were all convinced the race would be cancelled, which I rolled my eyes at. Races are like rodeos, they don’t get cancelled! Rain or shine or snow, we run. In Saskatchewan it will take more than a couple inches of snow to stop us!

I went for supper with some friends and the snow kept falling. The temperatures hovered right around the freezing mark, which made the snow wet and heavy. The power went out for a large portion of downtown, as well as other parts of the city. We were relieved to still have power where we were meeting for supper! The race director sent several emails about the weather, with the final one stating that a final decision would be made about the race at 5:00 the next morning.


In the end, most of the volunteers for this run are Saskatoon Police Service employees and City of Saskatoon employees. These crews were suddenly needed for more important things like directing traffic and restoring power, so the race was called off.


I was disappointed, but it’s totally understandable. The roads and paved trails we were to run on were a foot deep with snow, and weren’t high on the priority list for plows since it would all melt by the next day anyway. I had stayed in the city overnight, so went back to bed for a while (a huge treat since we were calving at home and I’d been up at 6:00 to check cows every morning for a month!). Our highways home weren’t recommended for travel, so the kids and I hung out until lunchtime, then made a couple quick stops before heading out.

Snow on Mom and Dad's deck. I guess I'm glad I didn't have to run through that after all!

Snow on Mom and Dad’s deck. I guess I’m glad I didn’t have to run through that after all!

Quickly melting parking lot that afternoon.

Quickly melting parking lot that afternoon.

That evening, I found myself in a dilemma. I had the race shirt, and it was a shirt I actually liked and would like to wear. But.. I hadn’t run the race… so how could I wear the shirt? My husband looked at me like I was crazy and said, “just wear the damn shirt, who cares?” I care! It’s false advertising! You can’t wear a shirt from a race you didn’t even run! In the end, I said screw it, I trained for this race, I tapered for this race, I arranged child care for this race, I’m running the damn race! I went downstairs, ran a warm-up on my treadmill, stretched a bit, then got back on and ran a fast 10K. I know it wasn’t exactly the same, but it was as close as I could get, and it satisfied my race itch and justifies me wearing the shirt, in my opinion. And you know what? I was only 21 seconds slower than my PB! I’ll take that.




4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by godins on June 4, 2015 at 12:57 am

    I understand your reluctance to wear the shirt. When I first started teaching at Delisle, one of the other teachers wore T shirts from university campuses all over the place. He had not only not attended these campuses, but had never set foot on any of them. I thought he was kind of an anal opening in this respect. Love, Dad >


    • Somehow university shirts seem more acceptable than race shirts! A race shirt you didn’t earn is like buying someone else’s trophy saddle.


  2. Holy crap it snowed in April? Yikes. Good on you for getting out there and earning that damn t-shirt. Positive spin on what likely pissed off a lot of people (cancelling the race). Good job!


    • It was a freak weather event! Now we’re very thankful for it though, we’ve had the driest May in history. Without that late April snow moisture, our crops would have no hope.


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