Go Take a Shower Pill!

I keep my Instagram account fairly private. I post a lot of pictures of my kids, and that’s something I don’t really like out there for public viewing. However, that doesn’t stop me from following some pretty cool running people who I don’t actually know in real life! A lot of my Twitter running people are also on my Instagram and I love to see the places they’re running and the neat races they choose.

For months now, I’ve followed a guy who is a brand ambassador for Shower Pill. What a cool concept – a thick, large, disposable cloth that is like a shower in a package. So often I have to go somewhere immediately after a run with no time for a shower first. Or after a race I have to stop and get groceries, or run other errands before going home. I’m always worried about smelling… well… like a runner when I’m out on these post-run excursions.

I kept my eyes peeled for Shower Pills at the running stores I frequent in our area. I found some crummy knock-off packet of wipes at Walmart which were barely bigger than the palm of my hand and the thickness of tissue paper. I gave them a shot, but I needed about ten to actually accomplish anything. Then I saw that Shower Pill was looking for more ambassadors. Just regular runners who wouldn’t mind trying their products out and sharing their thoughts. Me please!!! I filled in the application form and received my acceptance as a brand ambassador within a week or so.


I got more and more mad at Canada Post every day waited patiently for our not-so-speedy mail service to bring my box of Shower Pills, and they arrived just as I was on the way to  my kids’ gymnastics class. My seven year old daughter had informed me that they were fine to stay at their class alone, and suggested “you should just go running.” They’ve been with this gym coach for three years now, so I felt comfortable doing just that.

It was late September, but we can still get some very warm weather. That Friday afternoon the temperature was still 25 Celcius, which is usually far too hot to run for me. However, I knew it would be dark by the time we got home, and that nice days would soon turn to snow (shudder), so I sucked it up and went for a short 5km run.

When I got back I grabbed my change of clothes and a Shower Pill out of my truck and headed in to change before the kids’ class ended. I’m a sweaty runner at the best of times, but in 25 degree heat… let’s just say this thing had its work cut out for it.  It was amazing! It was huge, it smelled fresh and clean, it didn’t leave me sticky, and it actually had enough moisture in it to be good for one adult. Another ambassador remarked that she found she didn’t even need it all, she cut hers in half and saved the other half for next time. Other than my hair (and isn’t that what hats and buffs are for?), I truly felt like I had had a shower and was presentable enough to put on my clean clothes and join the rest of the parents waiting for their kids.

You can kind of see my hand under this Shower Pill - giving an idea of size and thickness!

You can kind of see my hand under this Shower Pill – giving an idea of size and thickness!

I am hooked. I now have several Shower Pills stashed in my running bag, and one in my purse for emergencies. Another ambassador also said how well they worked on her mechanic husband’s greasy hands. The possibilities are endless!

You can order your Shower Pills online at www.showerpill.com. Be sure to use the code “wipedown” to save 15%! You can also follow Shower Pill on social media to stay updated on the latest offers.

As a Shower Pill ambassador, I am provided with product to use and share with fellow runners. I am not compensated financially, and all opinions expressed are my own.


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