Personal Bests:

5K – 24:57 – Mogathon 2013
10K – 52:10 – Mogathon 2014
Half Marathon – 1:56:26 – Saskatchewan Marathon 2013

Annual Mileage:

2010 – no log kept
2011 – 1000.8 km
2012 – 1304.7 km
2013 – 1345.3 km
2014 – 1702.8 km

Running Since – May 2010
Coached by Ron Byland since July 2014


December 6 – Santa Shuffle Fun Run (5K)
September 20 – Mogathon (10K) – 52:10 ***Personal Best!***
September 17 – Terry Fox Run (with kids’ school)
September 14 – Heartbeat Run (10K) – 53:36
July 6 – Dirty Donkey Mud Run (“5K”, actually 6K)
June 8 – Bridge City Boogie (5K with my Dad) – 36:06
June 1 – Beads of Courage (2.5-5K fun run with my kids, we did about 3K)
May 25 – Saskatchewan Marathon (half marathon) – 2:00:04
May 4 – Wings For Life World Run (moving finish line – 18.24 km) – 1:41:52
April 27 – Saskatoon Police Run (10K) – 53:13 ***Personal Best!***
April 13 – Zoo Run (5K)
March 8 – Red Rock Canyon Marathon (half marathon) – 2:04:31
February 1 – Blizzard Triathlon (relay)


November 1 – Day of the Dead (10K trail run in the dark) – 1:15:45
September 28 – Mogathon (5K) – 24:57 ***Personal Best!***
September 26 – Terry Fox Run at the kids’ school (3 km)
September 15 – Heartbeat Run (5K) – 21:58 (course was actually 4.5 km)
July 14 – River Run Classic (half marathon) – 1:59:46
June 22 – Biggar Boogie (10K) – 48:36 (course was actually 9.2 km)

June 2 – Beads of Courage Colour Run
May 28 – Saskatchewan Marathon (half marathon)
– 1:56:26 ***Personal Best!***
May 11 – SRRA Women’s Run 3K
April – Saskatoon Police Run (10K)
– 53:25 ***Personal Best!***
March 9 – Red Rock Canyon Marathon (half marathon) – 2:03:48


December 28-31 – Sandy Hook Memorial Half Marathon (cumulative mileage)

November 1 – Day Of The Dead (5K – 10K cut short due to very icy trail conditions!) – 36:11

October 20 – Sask 50 Ultra (Relay) – 1:34:00 on a 16.8km leg

September 16 – Heartbeat Run 10K – 53:32 ***Personal Best!***

August 12 – The River Run Classic – switched from the half marathon to the 5K after an injury – 26:32August 4 – #TwitterRoadRace (Virtual 5K) – 26:22 **First in my age group (F20-29), third female**

June 24 – Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon – 1:58:24 **Personal Best!**

May 27 – Saskatchewan Marathon (Half Marathon) – 1:59:21 **Personal Best!**

April 29 – Saskatoon Police Services Half Marthon (10K) – 54:11 **Personal Best!**

April 14 – April Showers #Anywhere5K (Virtual 5km) – 25:28

          Top Female finisher overall! This run was amazing for so many reasons.  See my post “Run Like A Four Year Old” for a complete account.

January 21 – #TwitterRoadRace (Virtual 5K)- 30:45

           I did this run on my treadmill, why is treadmill running so hard for me?! Ugh. Oh well, fun to think of others running today too in this virtual race.


April – CBI Hustle For Hunger 5km – 27:17

Unprepared for a short, fast race! A fun run with former co-workers, lots of  visiting.

May 29 – Saskatchewan Marathon 10 km – 56:38 (51st of 241 females age 20-29) **Personal Best!**

As a newbie runner this was my first 10 km race.  It was an amazing experience to run with so many other runners along such a beautiful route.

June 18 – Bridge City Boogie 5 km – 25:25

This would be a new personal best for me in the 5km… however… it wasn’t a certified course and my GPS said the route was only 4.85 km… so I don’t count it as my best, just aim to beat it on a certified course next time!

July – Discovery Dash

               This was a fun event for kids to promote physical activity.  My 3 kids, aged 23 months, 23 months and 3 at the time had a blast running in their 50m event and getting their medals afterwards. My 3 year old daughter also ran in the mile and was the youngest runner to actually complete the race. She was the last one out there but was adamant that she was doing all her laps to finish.  I walked beside her as she jogged and all the volunteers gave her a standing ovation at the finish line. She can’t wait for “her race” next year!

August 14 – River Run Classic 5 km – 25:24 **Personal Best!** (6th of 21 females age 20-29)

Did it! Certified course and beat my Boogie time! Hooray! This still stands as my 5km best time.

September 24 – Miles For Smiles 5 km – 25:40

            I did some hardcore speedwork in preparation for this race in a quest to come in under 25 minutes.  In the end I was burnt out and over trained.  I went out way too fast and it killed me.  I know now that trying to fit in such serious runs during harvest time on a farm just doesn’t work. I still enjoyed this race and appreciate everyone who pledged me to help raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan.  This is a charity near and dear to my heart!

November 1 – Day Of The Dead Fun Run 10 km – 1:17:20

This was not only my first trail run ever, but also my first trail race, and it was run AT NIGHT! Runners all wore headlamps and the course was lit with glow sticks. The course wound around through the trees, resulting in runners’ lights bobbing past 5 feet away, even though they were on a completely different section of the course.  I couldn’t believe how slow I had to go just to keep my footing in the dark, but this race was a blast and I can’t wait for next year!


August 15 – River Run Classic 5 km – 25:55 (4th of 29 females age 20-29)  **Personal Best!**

             My first race! I was ecstatic at the finish line.  This was my first running event and I couldn’t believe how much faster I could run in a race than in training.  Such a happy memory!

September – Miles For Smiles 5 km


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