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First Half Of 2013!

Last year my motor sports-loving husband and I went to Las Vegas for the third time. He had carefully planned our trip this time to coincide with the NASCAR race there. We went to the race and he loved every minute of it. I’ll admit, I enjoyed the first thirty or so laps and the last thirty or so laps, but it was oh so tempting to pull my copy of My Life On The Run by Bart Yasso out of my purse for the in between part!

What ticked me off was that about two weeks before our trip I opened my copy of Runner’s World and discovered an amazing sounding marathon and half marathon through the desert at Red Rock Canyon, just a few minutes outside of Las Vegas. I’m not a big winter running fan here in snowy Saskatchewan, so my runs were no where near long enough to get me ready for my first half marathon in such a short time. That missed opportunity has been bothering me for the past year!

The place my husband and I love more than anywhere else is our farm, but Las Vegas is right up there too. In two weeks we will fly out for our fourth trip to Sin City. We went back and forth about a dozen times on whether to go again this year or not, but I started training anyway, just in case. Every time we decided “we better skip it this year,” I kept training. I didn’t want the same thing to happen again, and I figured that even if we ended up not going I’d just be ahead in my training for my May half, and could maybe run one in April too.

Well, the stars aligned, we found a seat sale, and we will fly to Las Vegas on March 5. We have tickets to NASCAR, Cirque du Soleil’s Ka, a Groupon for a pasta joint, a rental car, and I am registered for the Red Rock Canyon half marathon!

If you haven’t heard of this race before, you need to check it out. The first mile is flat, followed by four miles uphill, and wrapping up with eight miles of downhill (click here to view a tour of the race course!) WHAT?! Omg. This prairie girl is a little intimidated by that overview, but I’ve been running hills on my treadmill and I think I can do it. I have no goal for this race, other than to finish. I just have no idea what to expect with this terrain and a climate so different from ours that I don’t think I can properly set a time goal.

This race has no parking. All runners and spectators must be shuttled out from Las Vegas to the start line. About a half hour after the half begins, spectators will be taken on a bus tour of the area before being dropped off at the finish line. The area this race is held in is also the native home of the endangered Desert Tortoise, and all runners must sign a waiver promising not to touch or harrass the tortoises while we’re running. This cracks me up! I’ll leave them alone, but I really want to see one!


Having this race to work towards has really kick started my training this year. I’m also registered for the 10K in the Saskatoon Police Services Half Marathon in April, and the half marathon in the Saskatchewan Marathon in May. I have some other races picked out for the summer and fall, and can’t wait to get started!

I’ve also recently joined daily mile, so if you’re on there shoot me a friend request! You can also follow me on Twitter at @RunMommyRun3

Gotta run.